Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snow in Frisco

While we were in Scottsdale, Frisco had CRAZY weather. 

Friday it snowed all day!  These are all pictures my parents sent me.


Brynlee and Camryn.  This is Camryn's 1st real snow.  They said she loved it!

Kate's teacher sent me this picture of her playing in the snow at school!  I LOVE that they took them outside to play.

When Kate got home from school, she found out Emma, Abby and Nathan weren't able to come because the roads were so icy.  She was DEVASTATED!  Poor thing. 

Playing in the snow!

JuJu and PaPa T building a snowman with the girls!

Playing with our neighbors, Jacob and Drew.

So thankful for JuJu and PaPa T staying with the girls while we were gone!

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