Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Father's Day

We had a fun laid back Father's day.  The girls filled out a questionnaire about their Daddy.  They loved watching him read them!

The highlights of Kate's were:
My dad likes to wear PLAY CLOTHES!  and He likes to eat Jalapeno stuff and My favorite thing about my dad is he loves me.
Brynlee's was so Brynlee...
She had no idea his age or eye color!  And she said "He loves to eat our ear!" Which is does when he is messing with them.  Both Kate and Brynlee said Daddy likes to tell me JOKES!
And then there is Camryn's...
Most of her answers were "I don't know."  Kate and Brynlee tried to help her a little.
 Happy Father's day!!!  We love you!

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