Friday, June 19, 2015

Swim Lessons - Week 1

I had swim lessons planned for the month of May but it was too cold and rainy.  So last minute, we got Joanna's brother in law, Jose, to do lessons in Ardyn's grandma's backyard!  Last year, Brynlee had a concussion the week of swim lessons and wouldn't put her head in the water, so I had no idea how she would do this year!  Well, its been a week and she couldn't love it more!!!
 Stella, Brynlee, and Ardyn...

 She says the water tickles her ears...but only on her back. 

 But she is doing great on her tummy!

 Swimming back to the side...
 Waiting is tough!

 She got 4 rings off the bottom!!!  So proud of herself!
 Kate's turn.  She is just doing a one week refresher to work on strokes...

So thankful for Jose and fun friends to do lessons with!!!

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