Friday, August 21, 2015

Last days of Summer!

Oh Summer!  You've been fun and exhausting and busy and mundane. As much as I love having the girls home all the time, I think everyone is ready for a little routine. 

We had a crazy costume contest one afternoon...

Happy birthday dinner for Amy!

Window colors...

Downtown McKinney with Joanna!

Slumber party while Parker was out of town...

So much fun with this big box...
 Proud of her pizza!

One word: Mess!  Don't leave her unattended with markers...

Funny Faces pancakes at IHOP

Another floor sleeper...

Hours of entertainment...

"I do it myself"

No Bedtime Friday!!!

We let Camryn stay up...she made it til 11ish. 

Kate and Brynlee made it til 12.30.  

Happy Sunday!  

Parker took the girls to a movie so Camryn and I rode the horses at the mall. 

This face...

Never a dull moment.  They both wanted to sit by Kate. So they all squished in this spot. 

One last swim with friends before school starts...Anna and Harper

Kate's summer league team was undefeated!!!

Kayden and Kate

And haircuts and nails for back to school!!!

And just like that...Summer is over!

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