Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sandy Lake Amusement Park

I decided last minute on Friday to let the girls skip naps (well, Camryn) and go check out Sandy Lake Amusement Park.  It's a tired park that has been in Carrollton for years.

Kate is our adventurous, try anything once kid!  She jumped right on and never looked back.  This was the 1st of several rides she rode alone.  Brynlee needs a little more reassuring.  And Camryn...
well, she slept THE ENTIRE TIME we were there.  I was a little disappointed because I think she would have liked some of the rides...But oh well.  As Kate said, that meant more rides for her and Brynlee.  Ha!

These rides are more Brynlee's speed...

 Kate giving Brynlee a reassuring thumbs up!

 The Tilt A Whirl.  I remember loving this as a kid!

 It was so hot and she was so tired!
 This might be my favorite picture!
She wouldn't even wake up for the carousel.  And I'm still not sure why they didn't ride a horse.  I mean, who chooses the bench?
 Kate by herself again!
 Brynlee wanted to ride the real ponies!

They had fun!  It was definitely an experience!

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