Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch

We spent the morning at Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch.

Kate feeding a horse...

Camryn was not scared at all!


Kangaroos.  We even saw a mama with a baby in her pouch.  Pretty crazy!

Then we went to the Reptile talk.  And they had a cobra!!!  CRAZY!!!

The girls all touched a snake...

And a huge lizard thing...

Then we rode a tram to see Horses, Zebras, Zedonks (Zebra/Donkey), Zorses (Zebra and Horses), Llamas, Potbelly Pigs, Elk, and Camels
 This is not a great picture, but that is a Zedonk...
 And this is a Zorse.  Who knew?

The camels were AWESOME.  So friendly!!!!  And all up in your face!

Camryn couldn't get enough.  She touched every. single. one that got close to her!

After the tram we went to see the bears!
Fun morning at Sharkarosa!!!

When we got home Kate asked to go swimming one more time before school starts.  Hard to say no to that.  These 2 are going to miss each other next week.  

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