Sunday, December 29, 2013

11 months - Camryn

Camryn hit 11 months old on Christmas Day.  It's hard to believe she will be 1 in one month.  She is crawling everywhere and trying to pull up.  She babbles all day long.  She says "da" and "mama" and repeats lots of other sounds.  She has 4 teeth on the bottom and 2 on top with another 2 about to come through any day.  She's still a great sleeper taking 2 good naps and sleeping 7pm to 7 am.  She has become much more of a mama's girl, especially when other people are around.  If she sees me, she usually wants me to hold her.  At home, she doesn't want to be held...she wants to be down crawling around, breaking Kate's legos, and playing with toys.  She LOVES watching Kate and Brynlee and is usually playing right beside them.

Happy 11 months Cam Cam!!! 
When we got home from our Christmas trip, I took a few pictures of Camryn with her 11 month sticker...


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