Monday, December 16, 2013

Visit with Santa!

We took the girls to see Santa today.  Kate was super excited.  Brynlee was back and forth.  Before we left she said, "this time I am not going to cry" and "I don't want to see Santa."  And Camryn, well, she is going through separation anxiety so you can imagine my low expectations with her!!!

Kate walked right up and sat on his lap.  She asked for a "Barbie camper, lots of Barbies, and some new Christmas movies."

While I was trying to convince Brynlee to get out of the stroller to see Santa, Parker put Camryn on his lap...notice she only has 1 shoe on!!!

Brynlee kept running off.  I finally grabbed her and said just go tell him what you want for Christmas.  So I carried her up there.  She said a "dollhouse" and then he talked her into coming to sit with Kate.

Talking to Santa...

One last attempt with Camryn...

This one sums them up perfectly...

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