Friday, May 2, 2014

15 months - Camryn

This sweet girl is 15 months old...and a few days.  She is so fun and such a mess!  She has learned to sneak her paci and/or blankie out of her crib...
So proud she got her blankie!
She's starting to talk more and more.  She can say a few animal sounds... "bmooo"

She also says "baaa" for sheep and tries to make the fishy face for fish. 
Camryn may be little, but she leaves a big mess everywhere she goes!  Notice she snuck a paci too...
And just a few other things about our 15 month old.  She is waving bye-bye.  She can say night-night.  She points to show you where she wants to go...or what she wants.  She says "dis" or "dat" when she points.  She tries to say book and Bailey.  She gets so excited when you repeat what she is trying to say.  She can sign "more" but mostly just makes noises until she gets more.  She understands basic commands...go get that book, let's go take a bath, time to eat, let's change your diaper, get your shoes, etc.  She is still stepping (not walking).  She takes a few steps, falls down and then crawls to what she wants.  She is a great eater.  She loves her sisters and gets sad when they leave her out (go in the other room to play something without her messing it up!) 

Just a few pictures of our sweet Camryn...

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