Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Six Flags

We took Kate and Brynlee to Six Flags today!  Parker wanted to go before it got too hot and before school got out.  So why not a random Wednesday in May.  The weather was PERFECT and it was not too crowded. 

Ready to go ride some roller coasters!!!

We started on a small roller coaster~pretty sure this was Brynlee's 1st ever "roller coaster"

And a few kid rides...

Then Parker and Kate were off.  They rode Shockwave (which goes upside down) and then the Titan!

As Parker said, Kate's 1st REAL roller coaster!

Brynlee and I hung out at the carousel...

And then while we were waiting on them to come back these guys joined us on the bench.  Brynlee was not to sure. 

Brynlee wanted to be carried...a lot!

Kate and I waiting to ride the Texas Giant!  While we were waiting she said, "They must be giving out huge stamps somewhere because I see 3" as she points to 3 people with huge tattoos standing around us. 

We did it!  And she LOVED it! 

Brynlee and Parker rode the log ride while they waited...

and ate ice cream without us. 

Such a fun day at Six Flags!!!  And a HUGE thanks to JuJu and PaPa T for keeping Camryn so we could play hard with the big girls!

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