Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nails like Ms. Cherie

While Parker and Brynlee were at the Aquarium, I got to hang out with this little one...

AND Kate!  I thought Kate would have a hard time being left behind.  She DOES NOT like to miss out on anything...even though she understood she has gotten to do so many big girl things with daddy lately.  So I planned a little surprise for her.  She has been trying to grow out her fingernails ALL year to be as long as Ms. Cherie (one of her teachers).  After she scraped her chest with her own nails, I convinced her to cut them...with the promise that this summer we would get some fake nails like Ms. Cherie.  So...tonight was the night.  I found Rainbow press on nails for kids at Target and she could not believe it!!!

 And then she sat like this the rest of the night...
 touching her nails...

and admiring them. 

She could not wait to show Ms. Cherie her nails this morning!  And of course she Loved them and was so honored!

When I picked her up from school all the nails were off.  She lost one in the playdoh and then took the rest off and threw them in the trash.  But it was worth it for these smiles!

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