Wednesday, June 25, 2014

17 months - Camryn

Kate and Brynlee stayed at my parents house for a few days so its just been Camryn and me the past 2 days.  One kid at home is so quiet...and easy.  I think she missed her playmates.  So to pass the time Tuesday afternoon we did a little 4th of July a week early photo shoot. 

She is getting so big!  And talking more and more every day.  I can tell she is trying hard to say words...sometimes I can understand her and sometimes I have NO idea...which is frustrating for both of us.  Most of the time she is so laid back but if she doesn't get her way, runs out of food, or gets something taken away she can definitely throw a fit.  She's started grabbing my face when she wants something.  She does not want to be left out of anything.  If Kate and Brynlee are doing it, she is going to try.  Oh Camryn...we love you so much!  Happy 17 months baby girl. 

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