Friday, June 13, 2014

Swim Lessons week 1

We are doing "fast track" swim lessons again this summer.  Mrs. Ginger retired but a new place opened up 2 minutes from our house.  It's been perfect.  Brynlee was a little nervous day 1 but has done AWESOME the rest of the week. 

Excited for day 2...

DO NOT try to take a picture without Camryn.  She tries to run in every picture...

Brynlee's turn.  By the end of the week, she jumped in and then swam back to the side.  So proud of her!  She is getting more and more comfortable with her face in the water!

Kate is our fish.  She's been "swimming" since she was 3.  She swims great under water so now we are just working on form...

At the end of each class they have a little dive for rings competition.  She has won every time and is so proud of herself!!!

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