Monday, June 30, 2014

Random Phone Pics

Just a few random phone pics from the past few days...

Camryn likes to sit with Big Bear and read.  So funny!

A little picnic and World Cup Soccer.  It was Camryn's 1st time to sit at the table.  She only fell out of her chair once. 

Camryn took a fall in our front yard and has a huge knot on her head...

Brynlee has been asking when she is going to get a "work drawer" and lamp to "see the pictures in her book" at night like Kate.  So we got her a nightstand and lamp for her room!

She was so excited!  The balloons are from the Indian Baby Shower Brynlee and I went to.  Our neighbor sent those Its a Boy balloons home with us. 

Another picnic and movie!

Camryn found some sunglasses!

A little USA World Cup and 4th of July mani

Kate rarely plays on my phone but when she does I always find stuff like this in my photos.  She thinks it so funny...

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