Sunday, June 15, 2014

Concussion Saturday

Saturday.  A day I will probably never forget. 

It started out so normal.  Parker made waffles while I went for a run.  When I got back, Kate wanted to go "run" with me so we went out for 1 more mile. 

Parker didn't have to do a BF lesson so we decided to take advantage of the awesome weather and take Bailey swimming.  Kate and Brynlee love doing this!  They love watching Bailey swim.  And Bailey gets the rare exercise she needs. 

Then we came home and gave Bailey a bath.  Parker was out drying her off.  Before I could get the tile floor in our bathroom cleaned up, Brynlee took one step and slipped and hit the back of her head on the tile floor.  I saw the whole thing.  She popped right up, cried for about 5 minutes and then was laughing with Parker.  I was concerned...I mean, she hit it HARD, but she was acting fine.  45 minutes later she came to me crying that her head hurt...and her tummy hurt.  She was wincing in pain.  Then she fell asleep on my shoulder out of nowhere.  We called our dr.  They told us the procedure to follow.  We laid her down to let her sleep the headache off.  Then she started throwing up.  Per doctors orders, after the 2nd throw up we took her to Children's emergency room. 

We were in seperate cars (Parker and me) and sweet girl threw up again in the car.  It was the most helpless feeling.  The drive to the hospital seemed like forever.  She was in and out of falling asleep and would barely talk to me.  We finally got her checked in and back to a room.  Due to the number of times she threw up they decided to do a CT scan just to make sure there was no bleeding in the brain.  Brynlee did AWESOME.  She never acted scared.  She did everything they asked.  Sweet girl was wrapped up like a burrito while they took pictures of her head. 

After the CT scan she started to perk up a little.  She watched a movie while we waited for her results.  Thankfully everything came back clear and it was just a concussion.  Such a crazy, scary day.

But so thankful this sweet girl is going to be ok.  She is on  "restricted activity" which is tough for her AND her big sister!

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