Monday, December 8, 2014

Frosty the Snowman ICE!

CC and the Schleiders came in town for a quick visit and to go to ICE! at the Gaylord.  I've taken Kate the last 2 years but this was Brynlee and Camryn's 1st time.

And of course the Gaylord is always beautiful this time of year...

Oh Camryn!  She made us laugh the whole time.  Such a troooper!

Getting 5 kids bundled up for 8 degrees is no small task.  We (the adults) were all sweating by the time we got them bundled. Notice Camryn's was HUGE on her.  I'm pretty sure she faceplanted at least 3 times.  And sweet girl...her monkey hat was never on the right way...and she had no access to her hands.  BUT she never complained or acted bugged by any of it.  


That's Camryn on the Ice Slides.  She loved them!  

Brynlee on the left, Kate on the right...

 Camryn is in there somewhere...
 I mean...LOVE HER!

Camryn and Reid loved the Singing Frosty!
 Brynlee loved it and never complained about being cold til the very end.  And she LOVED these slides!

CC even went down one time...
 Quinn and Kate...

Camryn...she loved the animals...

We were on the snowglobe!

My girls!
 These 2 were troopers their 1st time at ICE!
 Always love this at the end!
 Waving at Frosty on the way out!
The girls had a blast! 

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