Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving week

The kindergarteners did a little Thanksgiving program at Good Morning Hosp.  They sang 6-7 songs.  It was super cute!  This is the best picture I got.  That's Kate on the back row...about 4 from the left.

Friday after school we headed to Houston. Sunday we went to Katie and Robby's church. The girls loved going to church with Quinn. 

Camryn was in Katie's class...Can you tell?

Sunday it was warm enough to swim!  The big kids loved it!

Brynlee Bear!

Hangin' with the "littles"
Reid and Cam Cam!

Then we headed to Shreveport.  On Thanksgiving Day we went to my aunt's house.  
One little turkey...

Bryn and Micah...

Crazy Turkey...

These city slickers love to climb trees.


Camryn and JuJu...


This one...

We took the girls up to the BCM where my mom works.  This is the bathroom wall.  Pretty fun!

Attempt at a picture for JuJu and PaPa T's Christmas card.  FAIL!  No one was in the mood.

Headed home.  Lights out!  Traveling is exhausting.

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