Sunday, September 28, 2014

Disney Phone Pics

Instead of trying to sort through all my phone pics by day I decided to just put them all in one post.  

Friday I took Camryn and Bailey to meet JuJu and PaPa T.  They kept them both while we were gone.  Sweet travel buddies...
Trying on their new Elsa and Anna dresses before the trip...

Bryn's 1st airplane ride.  She did great!
Kate's first airplane ride that she can remember...

Bus ride to the hotel!  These 3 were WOUND UP!
Seas with Nemo and Friends...
Kate got to ask Crush a question during Turtle Talk with Crush.
While we were riding Mission:SPACE, Papa Lon and Brynlee met Mickey!!!
and Goofy.
and Minnie!
The car that Katie, Ginny, and I created for Test Track.  We got bored making a car...can you tell?
The girls loved having breakfast on our balcony every morning!
After riding 2 scary rides, I had to bribe Brynlee to ride this Star Wars ride.  She was a trooper!
Kate and Ginny on the Rock N Roller Coaster.  This was her 2nd time to ride it!
Brynlee loved the Disney Jr Live show.
Waiting to meet Mike and Sulley.
Toy Story Mania.  We loved this ride so much we waited 45 minutes to ride it again.
Mine and Brynlee's score.  Parker beat all of us with a score of 150000 or something crazy high!
Olaf cupcake!
Waiting to watch Fantasmic.  Ginny bought the girls glow Mickey ears.
Ready to celebrate their birthdays at Magic Kingdom!
There were pumpkins everywhere!  
Crazy Cousins at Magic Kingdom...
Reid as Chip and Kate as Mrs. Potts!
Maybe my favorite part of the trip...cutest Beast ever!
It's a small world with the whole family!
Back to the hotel after a long day!
Ready to meet Anna and Elsa...
Mouse Heads!
Reid found one more princess at the airport...
Airport pros...
Flying home with her new kitty from Papa Lon and CC...
Kate got one too!

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