Saturday, September 27, 2014

Disney World Day 3

 Day 3 we went to Hollywood Studios!

 They have a Frozen Exhibit here.  Kate loved all the signs and wanted her picture with them!
 We started the day off with the Rock n Roller Coaster!
 We ended up riding it fun!
Then we rode the Tower of Terror.  Our kids rode it too but I didn't get the picture.  But they HATED it.  Kate, Brynlee, and Quinn all hated it.  I thought we'd scarred Brynlee from rides after this one but she recovered!
 We ate lunch at Hollywood & Vine.  The Disney Jr. characters all come by your table.  It was so fun.

Doc McStuffins...

 Jake & the Neverland Pirates...
 Reid was not sure!
 Sofia the First...

 On the way to ride Toy Story Mania we found this backdrop!  That's Sven from Frozen...
 Love this one!
 We went to several shows.  This Live! Disney Jr. show was so fun!

 And we watched this Beauty and the Beast show. 
And we went to a Frozen Sing-a-long that the girls loved!  They danced and sang through the whole thing!  Elsa came out at the end.

 We met Sully and Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc.  Brynlee is in there somewhere...

 I love Brynlee's scare face!
 And we found Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater...

 We went to the Fantasmic Parade.  It was a little scary but at the end all the characters rode a boat across the water!  The girls loved that part!

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