Saturday, September 27, 2014

Disney World Day 2

 We spent Day 2 of our trip at Animal Kingdom.  Our first "ride" was the Kilamanjaro Safari. 

 Then we did the Panjani Forest Exploration Trail.  The gorillas were AMAZING! 
 We were looking for the Tree of Life and stumbled upon Pocahontas!  The girls don't really like this movie but they still wanted to meet her.  I love Kate's nervous poses!

 The Tree of Life...

 About to ride Expedition Everest!

It was SOOOO fun!  Kate rode it with the guys.  I wish I had her picture.  She LOVED it!
 Snack Time!!!
 Then we rode DINOSAUR!  Here are Papa Lon, Ginny and CC on the back row...
 We took Brynlee and Kate on this one with us.  Brynlee hung in there but it was REALLY dark and Dinosaurs kept jumping out at us.  Notice Kate is covering her face!

We ended the day with the Affection Section (Petting Zoo)

For dinner we went to O'hana.  And then PaPa Lon and the girls went back to Epcot to ride a few more rides!

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