Saturday, September 27, 2014

Disney World Day 1

We spent Day 1 at Disney World at Epcot.

 We rode Soarin', Mission: SPACE, and Seas with Nemo and Friends. 

 Inside Bruce the Shark...

 Then we went over to France to meet Belle!

 And Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

 She Loved Reid!

After a few hours at Epcot we headed over to Magic Kingdom for dinner and the Electrical Parade...

 Rapunzel's Tower at Magic Kingdom...

 The Lanterns from Rapunzel...
 Waiting to watch the parade...
 Cinderella's Castle at Night. 

 The 1st float on the parade was Tinkerbell!!!  Kate was in heaven!

 After the parade they showed movie clips on the Castle.  It was amazing!
 We rode the ferry back during the firework show.  These pictures were taken from the ferry leaving Magic Kingdom headed back to our hotel.

Such a fun 1st day!

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