Sunday, September 28, 2014

Disney World Day 4

Day 4 we went back to Magic Kingdom!  While we were waiting to get in the park the train pulled up with Mickey and Minnie and Anna and Elsa!  Such a fun welcome!
 Cinderella's Castle...
 CC and Papa Lon with Kate, Quinn, Brynlee, and Reid....

 We went to ride It's a Small World first.  The kids LOVED it!
 Look at those smiles...
 Even Reid was in awe!

 Then we went to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  The girls were so excited to be Princesses for a day.  And Quinn got to be a Knight!

 Sir Quinn

 Seeing herself for the 1st time!


 Seeing herself for the first time...

 This Princess has an attitude!
 My little Tinkerbell!

 After our makeovers we went to Enchanted Tales with Belle.  This was probably the highlight for Parker and me.  It is an interactive show.  About 30 to 40 people go in at a time.  You "audition" for parts of Beauty and the Beast.  When the cast member asked who could hop the best, he picked Kate and Reid.  And when he said, "let me hear your roars" he picked Brynlee!  So we had 3 in the show! 

Kate was Mrs. Potts...

 And Reid was Chip...but then he ran off...

Brynlee was THE BEAST!!!  Her first part was to Roar at Belle!  She did the best Quietest Roar you have ever heard!  Soooo cute!  Her whole body roared but her voice just didn't carry!

 And then she got to come back and dance with Belle! 


 Then we went to lunch at Cinderella's Castle where we met Cinderella!

And then several princesses came to our table...
Snow White!

 Reid got a kiss from Snow White...
 And Snow White called Quinn "Grumpy."  Quinn was not interested in meeting any princesses.

 Twinkies!  This is Brynlee's favorite princess (because she has a pink dress!)

 Ariel (the one with feet)

 And Jasmine...

 Happy Birthday Kate!
 and Brynlee!
 Then we rode the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!
 Brynlee LOVED this one and got to ride it twice.
 Kate and CC riding Dumbo...

Splash Mountain.  This was Kate's favorite!
 And then we got to meet Tinkerbell...Kate's favorite Disney Character.  She drew her a picture and wrote her a note that said, "I love you Tinkerbell.  You are my favorite Disney character."

 Kate's nervous pose again.  Love it!

 And then we took Kate to meet Ariel the Mermaid. 

 Such a great day at Magic Kingdom!

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